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Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is not just crucial for food safety and hygiene, it can also be a huge morale booster for staff to work in a pristine environment.

Our kitchen cleaning services help keep your equipment in gleaming condition whilst sanitizing and preventing pest infestations that can cause the spread of bacteria, diseases as well as food poisoning or contamination.

We provide a skilled team with relevant industry knowledge to strip and work around sensitive gas and electric appliances so every corner of your kitchen is taken care of. With our kitchen cleaning services, you can be confident of a safe and hygienic kitchen environment that meets regulatory standards and keeps staff and customers happy.

Supplying Labour

From cleaning to other general tasks, we supply labour with a wide range of skills to help meet the varying needs of our clients.

Our staff have been trained to observe safety precautions and uphold professional standards when carrying out their duties. Whatever the working arrangement, you can be sure our team will perform your tasks in a satisfactory, safe and effective manner.

Window Cleaners
Public Area

Public and shared spaces with high human traffic require consistent upkeep and attention to keep them presentable. These areas include restaurants, hotel lobbies, receptions, spas, gymnasiums, toilets and more.

Our highly trained and meticulous staff will ensure your front and back-of-house areas are well-kept and cared for in order to create a great experience for your guests. From vacuuming to consistent wipe downs, our special attention to detail will be clearly evident in the immaculate condition of your premises.


From moderate to upscale establishments, we provide Stewarding services to match the needs of any establishment. Highly trained and professional, our Stewarding team are capable of meeting the highest standards with a flexible approach, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. 

Every Steward in our team goes through formal training to maintain high standards of cleanliness in the kitchen and handle kitchen equipment with care. You can be sure of Stewards who will ensure a safe kitchen environment free from contamination, and are committed to fulfilling their duties.

Upkeep of Educational Institutions

Educational institutions are high traffic areas accommodating students, faculty members, staff, visitors and more.

Through our capable and friendly stewards, we assist educational institutions to maintain a high level of cleanliness at their premises to ensure a safe, conducive and presentable environment for learning and teaching at all times.

Marble Polishing

Marble in high traffic and frequently used areas tend to lose its shine and lustre over time. Daily foot traffic causes micro-scratches that allow dirt and other particles to be trapped within the marble, causing dullness and possibly even permanently staining the surface.

Our professional marble polishing specialists can help identify existing marble stains, dirt or scratches and deploy the right tools or chemicals to clean, smooth and polish problem areas. We’re also able to carry out preventative care and maintenance to ensure your marble floors or surfaces stay smooth, keep their shine and remain presentable for longer.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets consistently trap microscopic organisms like bacteria or viruses. When left unchecked, these microorganisms can be a cause of poor air quality and potential health hazards. Regular carpet cleaning will not only extend your carpet’s lifespan, it will also help to remove dust mites and other microorganisms residing in your carpet to ensure a healthier environment.

Our professional cleaners are fully trained to operate specialist state-of-the-art machinery to give your carpet a thorough clean and maintain its colours.

Office and Commercial Cleaning Services

Our janitorial services ensure a safe and conducive workplace for your employees and a presentable environment for your customers. From carpet and floor care to dusting, trash disposal, high-touch disinfection and more — we offer a variety of cleaning solutions tailored to the distinctive needs of your office.

No matter the size of your office or scope of your cleaning needs, collaborate with us to work out a cleaning routine that works for you, your employees, tenants or visitors. 

Cleaning the Desk
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